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Thank you for visiting the website of the Korean Welding and Joining Society (KWJS).

The KWJS publishes the bi-monthly Journal of KWJS (in the Korean language) at the end of every even-numbered month. Officially registered with the Korea Research Foundation (KRF) since 2001, the Journal of KWJS is widely recognized for its excellence in the field of welding and joining.


  1. Papers may be submitted via the Journal’s online portal.
  2. Regardless of KWJS membership status, or the country of affiliation, the Journal accepts suitable papers from anyone in the world, pending completion of a simple registration process.
  3. Instructions to authors and guidelines for writing papers are both available from the Journal of KWJS.
  4. If papers have already been presented during other academic symposia, conferences or seminars, such events and their respective dates must be clearly indicated.


For Assessment For Publication Beneficiaries of Research Funding Specially-ranked Papers
5 pages or less
(flat rate, standard fee)
Per extra page
Free KRW120,000 KRW30,000 an additional KRW70,000 an additional KRW100,000
※ No publication fees are applicable for papers submitted by foreigners

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief Jong-Do Kim (Korea Maritime and Ocean University)
Editor in Vice Chief Hae-Woon Choi (Keimyung University)
Editor Myung-Hyun Kim (Pusan National University)  Jun-Ki Kim (KITECH)
Hyun-Uk Hong (Changwon National University)  Young-Taek Shin (Donga University)
Sung-Wook Kim (RIST)
Editorial Board Myung-Sub Kwak (DSME)  Yong-Jai Kwon (Ulsan University)
Dong-Cheol Kim (KITECH)  Keun-Soo Kim (Hoseo University)
Seong-Jong Kim (Mokpo National Maritime University)
Jeong-kil Kim (Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction)
Jong-Min Kim (Chungang University)  Jong-Woong Kim (KETI)
Jong-Sung Kim (Sunchon University)  Jin-Gyoung Kim (KIMFT)
Hyung-Jun Kim (RIST)  Chan-Seung Ro (Chosun College of Science & Technology)
Joon-oh Moon (KIMS)  Seo-Jeong Park (RIST)
Young-Bae Park (Andong University)  Young-Whan Park (Pukyung National University)
Jai-Hyun Park (RIST) Tae-Dong Park (Hyundai Heavy Industries)
Kang-Yul Bae (Gyeongnam National University of SCi. & Tech.)  Jeong Suh (KIMM)
Han-Gil Suk (Kangwon National University)  Sang-Woo Song (KIMS)
Min-hyo Shin (Hyundai Steel)  Dong-Gyu Ahn (Chosun University)
Young-Ho An (POSCO)  In-Su Woo (POSCO)
Young-Soo Yang (Chonnam National University)  Kwang-Jin Lee (KITECH)
Se-Hoon Yoo (KITECH)  Won-Bae Lee (POSCO)
Seong-Hee Lee (Mokpo National University)  Jae-Myung Lee (Pusan National University)
Jang-Hyun Lee (Inha University)  Chang-Je Lee (BEST F.A)
Hae-Kyoung Cho (Chungbuk National University)  Seok-Hwan Huh (Samsung Electro-Mechanics)
Kwang Choi (POSCO)  Won-Kyu Choi (Hyundai Steel)
Yun-Sok Ha (Samsung Heavy Industries)  Kyu-Tae Han (POSCO)
Suck-Won Hong (Pusan National University)  Jae-Keun Hong (KIMS)

Transfer of Copyrights

The copyrights of papers published in the Journal of KWJS must be transferred to the KWJS, effective from the date of paper publication. As such, authors are required to complete and submit an Assignment Agreement to the KWJS, as per the example below:

Names of all Authors:  
Title of Paper:  
Paper to be published in the Journal of KWJS Volume N°---, Issue N°---  

I/We would like to publish my/our paper in the Journal of KWJS and, upon confirmation of the paper’s publication, I/we sincerely confirm and agree to the following:

  1. I/None of the authors have/has infringed the copyrights of any other researchers and the submitted paper is the result of original work.
  2. I/All authors have made substantial intellectual contributions to the submitted paper and accept full responsibility for its content.
  3. This paper has never been/will not be published in, or submitted to, any other journals.
  4. The publisher of this journal shall have the exclusive right to challenge any copyright infringement by third parties, if made without the prior consent of the authors or the publisher.
  5. Effective from the date of publication in the Journal of KWJS, I/the authors agree to transfer all of the paper’s applicable copyrights to the KWJS.
    In principle, in order for this agreement to be binding, the signatures of all co-authors are required. However, if circumstances do not permit, either the corresponding author or any of the co-authors may sign on behalf of everyone, subject to the prior consent of all co-authors. Only authors who possess copyrights to the submitted paper shall be eligible to sign.
Name Organization Date Signature

Please complete and sign this form, then submit it to the KWJS, no later than the confirmation date of paper publication, either via e-mail:, or via fax: +82-02-538-6510.